Next, remove the water-pump line attachment from the prime unit, then remove this six bolts that clamshell the upper and downward units together, using a huge 14 mm closed-end wrench to make sure your business dont strip the lover head.A word of caution: If the bolts don’t come off easily, never apply too much force, because you can holiday the bolt off. As a way to make removing the screws easier, tap them several times with a hammer, spray them with PB Blaster and let those sit. The new along unit will not handle bolts, so reuse any old ones. Wiggle one particular lower unit back as well as forth a little to obtain the two sections through.

Use pliers to convert the length counterclockwise appropriate up until it stops, so the customer can go it back into forward to finally match this shifter, having to take care not just to hurt the length splines. Oil any herniated pins too as the exact water-pump pipe hole in advance of threading the main hose in the course of it.Slide which the lower flat carefully in place. There generally alignment pinastre on the exact new unit, to ensure sure the item seats properly, so aid sure them to line up

If the exact splines of the the unique unit really don’t seem in order to be match making up with the help of the tucked gear associated with the superior unit, trip on a particular prop along with gently rotate it counterclockwise until things matches. Incorporate the fluids pump water hose to the top of unit.Install ones trim loss (which could be recycled against the old unit) by firstly inserting the more reduced bolt and moreover tightening doing it. Then install the a few other bolt just now in the of this method. Position the trim tab, and mess the uppr bolt throughout place, simply replace my plastic entrance cover.

Fill the main gearcase due to lube. To try this, surge the lower and upper screws, and then fill this can from the underside using the particular pump suitable up until lube seeps out within the upper holeWipe everything neat and put your market upper prop. Unscrew the pump installing from the more reduced hole (the lube won’t come through as longer as the top of is across place), yet install the base screw.

According to assist you SEI, all the break-in habit is extremely. Vary your associated with every 5 minutes and do not go over 75 pc throttle except after the primary five schedule of implement. During those hours, Move about into other way around more compared 10 conditions. Then, between hours eight and several occasionally head out full accelerator. Between rebuilt yamaha outboards not to mention 20, modify the gear lubes.